We have wonderful programs for young children. Here’s how it goes.

Bring the kids, grand-kids, neighbors’ kids, with you to church at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. They’ll participate in church for the first song, and the passing of the peace (a time for everyone in the church to greet one another) and then they’ll be invited forward for a time with Pastor Dave. (He tries to share a mini-version of the sermon with them, when they’ll let him!)

After that, the kids have their own special time of learning and worship in community. Up-to-two-year-olds go to the nursery. (Really little ones can be checked in before 10:30 a.m. or kept in church the whole time. We like the sounds they make! Except for the screams…but we can handle those, too) Three’s and four-year-olds have their own Sunday School class. And five to six-or-so year olds go to their own Children in Worship class. Kids older than six-or-so are invited to stay in church, even when they get the wiggles.

So come, and bring your family, to Corinth Church this Sunday!